There’s never any shortage of bizarro content to be found on Kickstarter, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But this installment of Kickstarter WTF’s turned out to be a bit different than usual—because all the trippy, fucked up games we found this week actually look pretty good!

Don’t Be Patchman

Once you read the project description for Don’t Be Patchman it will make a little more sense, so don’t. Or at least not until after you watch the gloriously confounding project trailer.

C. Kane

Though only very loosely based on the oft-claimed “best film of all time”, the makers of C. Kane still claim to have finally achieved creating “The Citizen Kane of Video Games” with their comic RPG release. The game has actually already been released, they’re just hoping to get a bit of money to submit it to Steam. You can download the game here. But you gotta watch the video for this Gameboy acid trip of a game, if only for the ultra funky hip hop soundtrack.

Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell

I already plugged this one on the last Best Kicks article, but considering it stars a cock-nosed cat traversing the depths of “Happy Hell”, I had to lump Spooky Poo in with the weirdo gang here too.

Like I said, this week’s load of strange projects were actually pretty sweet, so make sure you go fund all of them if you either have a) excess capital or b) don’t know how to manage your income well.