Ya know, Kickstarter and other crowd-funding sites are a wondrous thing. They allow brilliant people to succeed on the merit of their vision alone. But just like anything with such an open and inviting atmosphere, it also draws kooks, trolls, and hordes of the terminally clueless to its services. And although almost none of those types end up completing whatever ridiculous goal they set for their goofball project, they now will be able to at least share a glimpse of the spotlight on the IndieRuckus Kickstarter WTFs!

HD Sleep Simulator

I actually restarted my browser multiple times because of this project, thinking that the video had frozen or failed to load. But no, it turned out to be a troll, doing what trolls do best. That is, trolling. The description for Snooze 3D claims that the “first person snoozer” will feature “cutting edge graphics and gripping gameplay set out to emulate a highly advanced sleeping experience in three dimensions”. But without giving too much away, don’t expect much to change over the course of the 21 seconds the video goes on for. John Cage is going to want royalties on this.

The Mumbling Detective

I don’t want to make too much fun of this guy because it’s possible he has either some mental or personal obstacle in his life that causes him to be so fumbly-mumbly. But it’s still funny to watch him roll around on his bed saying incomprehensible things about his beloved “Detective Games”. Put on some headphones if you want to actually hear what he’s saying.

That’s it for this week’s WTFs, but you better believe I’m going to make a series out of this. The amount of facepalms I have to endure during my Kickstarter travels are too great not to share.