Developer Matej ‘Retro’ Jan may have only asked for $1000 to fund his unique adventure game, but the Kickstarter community has decided he will get much more. As of two days into his campaign he’s had $13,000 heaped onto him despite his outright refusal to make stretch goals. He actually has a very good reason for this, but first let me talk about game (please?).

Retronator Pixel Art Academy is a browser game slash educational tool to help players learn the skills they need to become a proficient pixel artist. I know, I know—I just said “browser game” and “educational tool” in one sentence so you’re probably literally running away from your computer right now—but hear me out on this one. If you are even remotely interested in doing pixel art, this is education done right.

The game is played as a text-based adventure game where you play a student at an art school in Retropolis. You can interact with NPC’s and other human players during your time at Pixel Art Academy. You will receive lessons and assignments to level up your character, and players will be able to communicate with each other even going so far as being able to do “paint overs” of someone else’s work in order to inspire and teach them by doing your own take on their art.

I think the reason Pixel Art Academy is becoming so successful on Kickstarter is that PAA is unique on multiple levels. It not only promises to be a complete and in-depth pixel art training program—which the world has been sadly lacking up till now—but it’s also an MMO educational tool, which may be a completely new concept. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Oh yeah I told you he had a good reason for not doing stretch goals. He is a solo developer who has already planned out his time. Though extra money can help him work faster and harder by being able to hire more people or get better tools, adding extra requirements to his workload will only increase uncertainty. Basically he’s not fucking around. He’s making the game he said he’s going to make in the time he said it would take him to make it—and that’s the end of it. This man’s doing crowdfunding right, and it shows. Check out his project here.