Have you ever bothered messing around with a game’s level editor? I’m sure you have at least a couple times, right? I mean, after you’ve beaten the game, gotten 103%, found all the easter eggs, and beaten the last boss with a Rockband guitar instead of a controller, the only thing left is to try to grind out your own level. But how has that ever ended up? Chances are you got about a quarter the way into it and gave up because it was so boringly intensive. But what if you didn’t have to sort through all those menus and painstakingly place objects in pixel-perfect locations? What if you and your friends could set up a level right on your living room table?

bloxels1Bloxels is a new type of gaming peripheral now on Kickstarter that could spawn a whole new subgenre of highly customizable games for people of all ages to play and challenge each other with. This is how it works: you order a Bloxels game board, which is essentially a 13×13 grid (hope you aren’t a Triskaidekaphobic). It comes with colorful little blocks that you arrange in different ways, with each color representing a different type of piece such as a key or an enemy. Then you take a picture of the board with your device, and the Bloxels-compatible game you are playing interprets the grid into a fully-playable stage.

And the best part is that Bloxels isn’t just one game, it is a peripheral that will work with a whole planned library. The first game being developed with Bloxels in mind is a dungeon crawler called B.R.A.V.E. Squad, but the developers have stated that they “have ideas for puzzle games, action, adventure, runners, tower defense, strategy, side scrollers, shooters, racers and more.” Check out below to see a video of how gameplay on Bloxels will work.

Now there are some exaggerators in the press world that would have you believe something like: Bloxels is going to let you make your own games with no coding skillsssss!!! But we here at IndieRuckus try our best to keep our clickbait hype-machine purring at a slow idle. So I’ll just say it again. Bloxels is a level editing tool. A really cool level editing tool with dedicated games. But now watch, two months into its release there’s going to be some guy who uses it to program a space shuttle launch to Mars and I’m going to look like an idiot. Well, even more like an idiot. But either way, Bloxels looks super fun and will likely spark a new level of imagination in the minds of both kids and dusty old thirty-somethings (me) alike.

I can’t wait to see that guy who beats games with Rockband guitars try to play Dark Souls with this thing.

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