Now look what we’ve gone and done for you! Ol’ man indieRuckus has up and made you a video of the freshly-released indie game David so that you don’t have to worry your little head about whether to spend the one dollar to try it out yourself or not ($1 deal ends 02/23/15). We looked at our Google Analytics, and the number one occupation for our readers was “street urchin”, followed closely by “miniature bible hander-outer”, so we know how bad you’re hurting for cash. So sit back and relax with your stolen smart phone on a heap of garbage bags with a lukewarm 40oz and watch away!

So what’s the final verdict on little blocky David? You probably can’t tell from my incoherent mumbling at the end, but yes, I did enjoy David for what it was. Don’t expect weeks of compulsive playing, but for the tiny price of one hundred US cents, this one will make you happy for a number of hours. Anyone’s guess as to what that number is, though.

Buy it here on Steam. Also available now in the iOS App Store.