With its hypnotizing graphics and surprisingly dark undertone, Dolly comes across as very deep and professional for a free game. This platformer takes you on a depressing, triple-jumping¬† journey through what seems to be a woman’s head. In the end it became clear that it’s a metaphor for certain unpleasant events that befall individuals and their loved ones toward the end of their lives, but I’m not going to give that away here.

Anyway, the game is great. The art was simplistic yet gorgeous, and the controls felt.. well.. controlled. If Dolly intrigues you as much as it did us, you can download it here. Shoot, it’s even free. Or watch my quick playthrough below.

  • Jackson Ingram

    What a beautiful little game. The visuals were really well done and I was impressed with how precise the controls were. I’d love to see what the developer could do with a team and a budget.