Apologies to Lasso Games for the jaded title, but when you play as many Kickstarter demos as I do, the cynicism starts to creep. But I wouldn’t be writing this article if the demo for Levantera: Tale of the Winds wasn’t unique, interesting or well-made. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s all three.

The first thing I noticed about Levantera was that it’s similar to Castlevania, which is true for lots of games. But the second thing I noticed was that it is specifically similar to Castlevania II: Simons Quest, which is a bit more interesting. If you’re not familiar, Castlevania II is different from most other entries in the series for the simple fact that you aren’t trapped in one sprawling castle the whole time. You actually have quite a bit of freedom (as far as side-scrolling platformers go) to travel around between towns, forests and dungeons, which is exactly what goes on in Levantera.

But Levantera takes the whole concept a lot further, especially where towns are concerned. There are bankers, snake oil salesmen and a bar, and you even have a huge galley ship that needs repair. And considering there are shops for cannon balls, ship rations and trading goods, I think there is a lot planned for the ship side of things. Overall, Levantera plays like a mature NES throwback title, and seems to have much more going on than meets the (patched) eye.

Watch as I play the first half hour of the demo:

If you dig it, be sure to check out their Kickstarter page as well as vote for Levantera on Greenlight.

  • “Surprisingly good.” That’s high praise! Keep up the good work! 😀

  • Brian Hamby

    Thanks, Lasso! Enjoyed the playthrough. Good luck on KS.