Let’s say I happened to bump into you at the corner market and, having nothing else to talk about besides indie gaming given that this topic encapsulates the whole of my life, asked you, “Do you happen to like teenage drama with occasionally ill-advised slang choices?”

I’m going to gander a guess that you would likely say, “No”. And probably I would have as well if I hadn’t played the first episode of Life is Strange and been sucked into the twee, yet oddly enchanting world of Max Caulfield. I’m pretty sure I’m not the first one to express this sentiment, but Life is Strange somehow succeeds due to its awkwardness. As if the game itself is an unconfident gangly teenager, and these characteristics give it its charm.

So here we are with episode two coming out in two days (Wwhat a coincidence!!!!!!!1) and the trailer has already got me ready to dive back in.