Funny story. The very first IndieRuckus YouTube video was a Let’s Play featuring LISA, but the audio was so terrible I took it down until I got better equipment. Okay so that wasn’t actually a funny story—it’s just a common (read: lazy) way to start a thought—but that doesn’t make it any less true. And now I stand before you today to declare that I have made good on my promise (to myself) to go back and rerecord that video with state-of-the-art equipment the shit I currently own.

But seriously, folks—LISA is an amazing game that you need to watch/buy/play if you are any sort of fan of dark humor and 90’s JRPGs. You aren’t going to find a deep, dark, cliche-busting RPG masterpiece like this mofo anywhere else. And I’m doing the whole game. So as they said in the 90’s, BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. Or just follow my dang effbee, as we say now.