As anyone knows who has ever lived in a city apartment, or condo, or crowded dorm room, or really any living situation anywhere in the world—neighbors are a serious pain in the ass. Just because it’s 1 in the afternoon doesn’t mean I’m not sleeping, you yard obsessed, white picket ass, lawnmower jockey… ahem. So it’s really curious to me that I haven’t already come to the reasonable conclusion that I should take it upon myself to massacre all of my neighbors in a torrent of blood, screams and tears.

In Party Hard this is exactly the train of thought that prompts your character to begin his career as a homicidal maniac. His patience broken by a string of late-night parties across the street—and no doubt exacerbated by undiagnosed mental illness—the man sneaks into the rager with knife in hand and begins a stealthy murder-spree to make the history books. Check it out:

The developers are trying (I’m assuming here) to deflect criticism of the dark theme by saying they only made casual family games until they got the idea for Party Hard. Seriously though? It’s not like the idea was brought down from heaven in a dirty syringe and injected into their brains by sadistic cherubs. They were probably just over-compensating for their twisted minds by making cuddly games, but finally couldn’t contain themselves any longer. It’s alright guys, just let the creative violence flow! We won’t think too bad of you. I mean, you can’t kill puppies or anything. At least I think.