At the risk of getting a reputation as a haven for fecally-themed games, IndieRuckus is pleased to present you with this crazy Japanese dude who loves human waste so much he has adopted the moniker “Poopman”. The guy has gone so far as to wear around an outfit with a fake pile of crap on his head to gaming events, and now is Kickstarting a game about cartoony turds racing to the finish line. For some reason.

The secret identity of Poopman turns out to be Akihiko Koseki, president of indie game studio Dice Creative Inc. As the story goes, Koseki transformed into Poopman after coming to the epiphany one day that good poop == health == happiness, and now he’s here to spread pride in healthy bowel movements. Oh, and raise money for his game.

poopride poopman

The game is called PooPride, and the mechanics of it seem to be simple. You engage in a race of sorts with a rival piece of excrement, but instead of the point being to outrun them, in PooPride the goal is to out-stop them. Much like in tabletop shuffleboard, you try to get closest to the end without falling off. And as you progress there is a monetary system with skill points that you will use to power-up your pet turd. What does any of this have to do with doo-doo? I don’t know, but as you can see in the trailer, there are so many shapes, sizes and colors of crap in this game that it can only be assumed that the creator is very knowledgeable on the subject.

If you’re on board with Koseki’s love of the unmentionable then you should check out the Kickstarter here. You can even get yourself such rewards as a box of poop-shaped chocolates or your very own Poopman outfit if you fund at the proper tier. And though the thematic material might seem a little odd to the average person, you have to agree that the man has a passion, and I think we can all look into ourselves and find something taboo that we enjoy. And while most of us wouldn’t be able to shrug off the social pressure against publicly embracing such a quirk, this man has. So good on him. And hail Poopman!