*Update: Nintendo has unsurprisingly slapped the dev with a copyright infringement notice and the game is no longer available. But if you would like a peek at what the project looked like, our gameplay video is still available underneath the original story below.

I feel a bit guilty about that headline because there are a few big buts that go along with it. And even Sir Mix-a-Lot doesn’t like big buts. So yes, a developer by the name of Royston Ross is actively working on an HD remake of Super Mario 64. You can get the game here on his blog, and can even play it in your browser if you’d rather. But it only includes one stage (Bob-Omb Battlefield) and beyond that, the level does have several pieces missing from the original—one notable element being King Bob-Omb. But even though you can’t actually finish any objectives, it’s still cool to see the game that truly brought us into the 3D era get touched up with modern HD graphics.

And if you’d rather just watch me show you all 9 or so minutes of gamplay in Mario 64 HD rather than play it yourself (you lazy bastard), I made a vid for you below!