If at first you don’t succeed… bring backup! That’s the idea behind Proper Games’ upcoming “massively single-player roguelike RPG” Super Dungeon Run. The concept is simple enough. Aren’t you tired of constantly ducking behind rubble? Or worrying that the next chamber of the catacomb might be your last? Or coming within feet of the loot before getting the ax from some dumb goblin? Try taking a small army with you next time!

Your crew, a ragtag team of unlucky peasants, needs you to take them in and out of semi-procedural, ever-changing dungeons full of traps, monsters, and of course, treasure. The party members who survive long enough can find special chests that will upgrade them from their life of peasantry to classes like archer, knight, or even sorceress. Further classes can be unlocked as you hack and crash your way through various quests given to you by all your quirky villager friends who are more than happy to send you back into the dungeons to break up a goblin party or smash their rival’s pumpkins.

In creating addictive and accessible gameplay, the developers have drawn from a variety of sources. “It’s part Diablo, part Temple Run and part Pikmin,” according to their Greenlight page. So basically, don’t worry about the peasant you lost to the fire pit. There are plenty more where that one came from.

Check out the trailer below, and vote for them on Greenlight if you’ve decided you’re a fan of mob-led mayhem.