Apparently three games in one year wasn’t enough for fans of the point-and-click horror franchise, so here we go again into the twisted world of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for lucky number four.

In this teaser image left by developer Scott Cawthon on his website you can see not only a release date of Halloween, but also that it’s also given the label “The Final Chapter”.

five night's at freddy's 4 teaser

Many outlets are taking this as a serious indication from the developer that this is intended to be the last entry in the series, even if there is some doubt that it will ultimately be true once he notices his bank account not doubling as often. But considering the fourth entry in the Friday the 13th series of movies was also titled “The Last Chapter”, I am going to come out say that this is an homage—and thus perhaps even a confirmation—that there will be more Freddy’s games, given that Jason Vorhees didn’t let the whole “Final Chapter” thing even be a speed bump on his way to 10+ movies. So keep hope, sufferers of OCD symptoms; you may yet see a Freddy’s title that has five in it twice.

There’s some other dumb stuff that people have figured out about the image, such as that if you lighten it up you can see the word “Nightmare” along the bottom. But so what? *shrug*