Have you ever been in the mood to play a standard, everyday basketball video game? You know, a typical, run-of-the-mill b-ball game featuring humans, and without any perceivable robotic death machines in sight? Well then I’ve got a game for you! It’s called Regular Human Basketball, and it’s free on itch.io!

But seriously, despite the best efforts of the devs to hide the true nature of Regular Human Basketball, at its core it’s a game about controlling huge robots into playing a one-on-one basketball game. You play as a little panda-ish person who must run around inside his athletic-shorts-wearing mecha and hit various buttons to make it walk, crouch, grab, and make epic, rocket-boosted dunks. It’s a local multiplayer game, and thus you must have at least one other person to play with, but the game supports up to 5 little tubby guys on each team working together to control one robot. That’s 10 players total for the math un-inclined!

If you want to see the hilarious game in action, Brian and Erika went head to head, although I have to say the matches ended up being a little one sided!

RHB was created by Powerhoof, the people behind Crawl, so these are no mere mortal devs. And they put the game out for free without any requests for even a donation. They just want you to consider checking out Crawl, which is amazing and happens to be on Steam here. So do it!