Developer Roll7 isn’t new to the indie game scene. The first OlliOlli was an instant hit with both players and critics for its addicting mix of speed, flow and style. And they unleashed the awesomely off-the-wall shooter Not a Hero last May to similar ovation. But can they do it again?

Oh, were you hoping I was about to answer my own question? The game is out for PS4 and Vita, but since I don’t have either of those systems, we’re both just going to have to wait until August 11th when OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood releases on Steam to find out for ourselves, but I’ve got my money on yes (lol sucker! I don’t have any money!)

But about that August 11th release date—it’s not official. Right now the release is described on the game’s Steam page as “Summer 2015”, but for a very short amount of time it was listed with the more specific date. We’re sneaky, but sneaky doesn’t always pay off—so treat it as a rumor.

olliolli2: welcome to olliwood roll7

The devs are promoting OlliOlli2 as having even more epic ramps for catching all the sick, rad, dope and monster air that your heart desires. And you’ll be able to look forward to multi-route levels now with secret alternate paths. Check it out below: