If you’ve ever been a fourth grader, then you know what Oregon Trail is. The torture and heartbreak of losing a family member named BUTTHOLE to dysentery weighed heavy on the hearts of elementary students the world over. Well it’s time to relive all the trials and tribulations of traveling against all odds through harsh and inhospitable territory, only this time in SPAAAAaaaace.

orion trail

I will say that Orion Trail looks to have a lot more going for it over that other Trail game. According to the developers there are “tons of random encounters, each with a bunch of options and outcomes.” Adding, “You’ll probably never encounter the same thing twice!” You can tell they’re serious because they said “probably”!

I haven’t tried it yet, but you should check out this trailer if you’re jonesing for the trail.

Might I also mention that Orion Trail survived Kickstarter with a successful campaign, which is no easy feat. The game is out today on Steam.