Screw Bear Gryllis. The real survivors are venturing a little further than the wilderness in the space exploration game, Out There. After reaching critical acclaim with a 2014 release for iOS and Android, Mi-Clos Studio is bringing us back to the final frontier on PC, Mac, and Linux with Out There: Omega Edition (stylized as “Ω Edition”).

out there omega edition

This dark and memorable sci-fi is launched by a classic scenario to which I’m sure we can all relate: some poor astronaut decides to take a quick cryonic nap on his way to Ganymede, sleeps through the alarm, and wakes up in a strange part of the galaxy. Take control of the aptly-named spaceship Nomad and navigate the cold, dark, and generally unforgiving expanse of space. Luckily, your ship has ended up next to a (suspiciously) convenient alien space station whose technology gives you the ability to travel faster than light and follow a trail of stars to salvation.

Look for supplies, pimp your ride, and, above all, try not to die. Resources are limited, so you’re going to have to start learning how to sort out a rations system, especially when it comes to oxygen, which is apparently very important to your well-being and can only be found on “garden” planets.

Every playthrough is a new experience, so don’t get cocky if you have a lucky streak. Not that any of this will be easy. Roughing it in space hasn’t been this challenging (or addicting) since Battlestar Galactica. As you explore, get to know the protagonist through personal logs as he grapples with the possibility that there might not be a home to go back to.

While he could be the last human in the universe, that doesn’t mean your astronaut is alone out there. You’ll run into all kinds of alien species on a variety of beautifully rendered planets. As you interact with them, you’ll learn more of their language and might even pick up a new piece of technology. Do try to come in peace. You’re going to need every asset you can get your gloves on if you want to make it across the map.

Out There: Omega Edition brings a lot of fresh additions to the table. Alongside all-new alien breeds, ships, and another potential ending, you’ll also get over 50 new interactive stories, all told with a new graphic engine. You can purchase Out There: Omega Edition now, or get the update for free if you already own the original version for iOS and Android. And below are two other fine establishments though which you might want to spend your money on this game: