Ouya, AKA the little engine that no one ever gave a crap about, is even more hosed now than ever before (if you can believe that), and are on a search for a buyer—and fast. Like, today fast.

I think you probably already know this, but Ouya began as a Kickstarter project to make a little system that plays little indie games. But this wasn’t some itty-bitty little hoo-hoo ding-dong peewee project. I’m talking a big ol $8.5 mil, almost as big as Exploding Kittens: the Funniest Card Game Of All Time, big. So with the world’s money in their hands, Ouya (the company) created Ouya (the system) and promised to make indie way more indie than ever before.

But problems plagued Ouya from the start—including but not limited to the controller being a total pile—and despite getting a bunch more millions in further investments, it seems debt has finally caught up with the gaming company.

But I’ll sign off saying it would be really sweet if someone else bought the company and made it everything it was promised to be.

Crossing fingers but not holding breath.