“They called the best, but the best were busy”

Hey kid, you like funny games? Are you a fan of antics, horseplay, and shenanigans? Is your name Tom Foolery, CEO of Monkey Business Inc? Great! Then 88 Heroes might be just the type of madcap platformer that tickles your goof gland. Okay I’ll stop now.

88 heroes

What 88 Heroes actually is, is a platformer with a huge cast of playable characters. 88 to be precise, each with their own set of abilities and quirks. Not to mention there is also 88 levels… and an 88 second time limit for each one… and each kill nets you 88 points. See how the silliness is starting to seep in? Just watch the trailer so I can quit making a fool of myself trying to explain this game:

Some of the heroes you can look forward to playing are: Gonan (the barbarian); Jim Nastics, former Olympian; and The Invisible Sheriff. And since the order that you play the levels and with which hero is random, you’re always going to be looking at a fresh challenge with each playthrough.

The only catch here is that the game isn’t out yet, and a release date has not been, um, released. But you can follow developers Massive Monster on Twitter to keep up with the project, and I’m sure they would love you if you voted their Greenlight up so they have the go-ahead for a Steam release.