I know we’ve all been thinking it, so I’ll just come out and say it: Minions have ruined everything. Cereal; McDonald’s; the color yellow. After a summer saturated in hellish potato monsters speaking only in gibberish and carnal screams, the quintessential evil underling has somehow sunk even lower in the hierarchy of character archetypes. But is this all there is for a lowly stooge? Underhero stars one minion who broke the cycle of cannon fodder and did the impossible: kill off the good guy.

So great! Game over, right? Mission accomplished? Not quite. The big baddie Mr. Stitches tasks you with putting everything back the way it was before the hero quested it all up. Having unceremoniously released the captured princess and scraped the blood off the dungeon walls, all that’s left to do is return the standard RPG artifacts to their designated low-level bosses. After you’re done, come back for a reward. No hard feelings. Mr. Stitches is totally cool with you taking all the glory. He’s fine.

Yep, he’s going to kill you.


The magic hilt that you swiped off the protag’s cold, dead corpse offers an alternative: retrace the hero’s steps, buff up, and take on the Big Bad yourself.

Described as “a love letter to Paper Mario games and RPGs in general,” Underhero takes you on a retro, side-scrolling journey through platforms, potions, and, of course, strategic combat. When encountering your former co-workers, you can choose a variety of different approaches. Swords are pretty standard for, y’know, stabbing things, but don’t be afraid to dole out a hammer hit for shielded enemies or bust out a sling-shot to take airborne baddies down a few feet.


Timing is everything. Study your enemies’ movements and pull out your own shield at just the right moment for a critical parry. Each battle is set to a seamless blend of modern and retro video game tunes composed by Stijn van Wakeren. Pay attention to the beat. If you time your moves correctly, you can unleash a series of devastating rhythm-based combos.

Or you could just try talking to them. You did work together, after all. You all probably have a lot to catch up on.

You can support Underhero’s rise to power (and have a baddie named after yourself) on IndieGogo now until mid-October or push it onto Steam by voting for it to be Greenlit.. Can’t wait to climb the evil corporate ladder? Download Underhero’s free demo now and reclaim the minion mantle.