And on all the systems, at that! Ok, so it may not be coming to Xbox, but Microsoft hates indies so that doesn’t count. Don’t be mad, Box Boy, you still have a computer right? Because puzzle platformer PONCHO has been confirmed on PC, Mac and Linux through Steam, as well as on PS4, Vita and Wii U (no 3DS announced as of now) for an October release date.

But developer Delve didn’t have the easiest time getting PONCHO to the public. Their Kickstarter campaign didn’t even manage half its goal, and the team had put all their resources into the effort. But no one should blame them for the failure—it’s a common story in the world of game development. Kickstarter is a tough racket with a very prominent luck element, and game promotion is a regular LA traffic jam anymore. What I’m trying to say here is selling an indie title is fucking hard, they took it on the chin, but they kept going for it anyway.  It was obviously tough for them as evidenced by the frustration in this blog post, but they wouldn’t give up easily.

After appearing at EGX Delve picked up a number of interested publisher contacts, and one of them—Rising Star Games—was impressed enough to take on PONCHO. And so here we are today, waiting on its impending arrival to the public. Let’s look at the trailer.

As you saw from the trailer, (or didn’t, you lazy bastard), PONCHO is a puzzle platformer the relies heavily on a foreground/background shifting mechanic. But hey, some of the greatest games of all time rely heavily on one play mechanic throughout a game (think Zelda), and this particular gameplay could have loads of variation played off it. Look forward to a playthrough by IndieRuckus in the coming weeks.

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edit: A previous version of this article stated that the release date would be Sept 15. This information was taken from the official Nintendo upcoming calendar, but was stated to be false by the developer

  • David Bruno

    Thanks for sharing the love, Brian. PONCHO will look to be released in October.