You know the best part about the indie game scene? Anyone can make a goofball game and toss it out onto the internet for the world to consume. You know the not-so-great part? A good bunch of those games are big floppy turds that smear up the indiesphere’s collective toilet bowl. And you know no one wants to touch that nasty toilet brush to take care of it. But then every once in a while a game comes along that changes everything. It’s a complete piece of garbage, but the theme is funny, and it’s self-aware of its own absurdity, and the developers fully own up to the game’s (supposedly purposeful) shortcomings. And the game becomes championed, if only for the shear novelty of doing so.

Enter Goat Simulator.

You may recall the social media whirlwind that surrounded the release of Goat Simulator last April. Well it’s back to steal your irony-loving hearts again with the new RPG-lampooning expansion, Goat Simulator MMO. But you probably already fucking knew that, because #GAMEHYPE.

goat_microwaveMake no mistake, this game is going to age like a bowl of milk in the summertime. The glitches and bugs are all still there (purposeful), the new quests are comically lame (again, it’s all purposeful, which somehow makes it better?), and you can play as a microwave with slender legs. Hm. How refreshingly random.

You will get tired of it within a few hours and will likely never look at it again. But if you were swept up by the hype of Goat Simulator last April and still have your copy languishing in your Steam library (and there is nothing to watch on TV, and you have no friends, and you are physically bound to your computer chair, and… okay, I’ll stop) then it might not be a terrible waste of your time to bust out the ol’ goat and romp around through this moronic WoW send-up, because it’s a free expansion. Basically Goat Sim MMO is out—that’s really all I’m trying to say here. But you already knew that. So go read the next article or something. Baaaaah.