Anyone who knows and loves a certain video game system by the name of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System knows what Mode 7 graphics look like, even if they don’t know the name. Mode 7 was the tech that lent F-Zero and the original Super Mario Kart their revolutionary 3D-ish look. It could also be found sprinkled into many other titles, such as during the minecart ride and on the map in Final Fantasy III (VI), and not coincidentally the minecart ride in Super Mario RPG, as well. But though the innovative rotating and scaling technology was impressive at the time, even nostalgia goggles can’t help the smashed, blocky textures from looking any better than seasoned roadkill. So what the heck is it doing in a new AAA indie game coming to PC, Mac and Linux in mid 2016?

For shits and giggs, of course! Developer Deep End Games wants to bring back the ugly-but-loved Mode 7 rendering for their first person-horror game Perception. The game is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and this is one of several creative stretch goals the company has set forth, along with donating one to donate a dollar for every sale to World Access for the Blind. If you didn’t already know, Perception features a young blind woman as the protagonist, as she uses the sounds from around her and her cane to give here a “picture” of the world around her. And as though she didn’t have enough to worry about, she’s being hunted by a mysterious force known as “The Presence”.

Perception is being developed by a team of veterans from such games as BioShock and Dead Space, and though funded, needs your help to reach the Mode 7 stretch goal. They’re still looking at almost $100,000 needed in the next 12 hours to pull off the Mode 7 goal, so it’s unlikely, but if you want to help them reach it make sure to visit their Kickstarter here. I don’t miss up on an opportunity to write about any pseudo-retro goodness. I mean there truly is more to retro than 16-bit pixels.

Back the Kickstarter here, and watch the full gameplay trailer:

Thanks to Retro Mag for the story!