The Nintendo Entertainment System may not have been the first video game console, but it was undoubtedly the seed that spawned the modern era of video games. So many entries in its library influenced, if not established, entire gaming genres that continue to be mainstays of the form. One such title was River City Ransom. Its mix of free-roaming beat ’em up combined with RPG elements still baffles in its era-defying complexity. And after several failed attempts by various parties at bringing a sequel to market, Canadian developer Conatus Creative has squared up to the challenge.


The original North American box art. Nothing but a couple of youthful high school boys here.

River City Ransom: Underground began its catapult into existence with a Kickstarter campaign that raked in over $217,000 USD—20% beyond their goal of $180,000. Backers were no doubt awed by the slithery-smooth pixel animation and the promise of an enormous free-roaming world that stays reverently true to the original. But now gamers have even more to be excited about, because RCR:U has appeared on Greenlight, signaling an impending release for the game on PC, Mac and Linux. You must check out the killer gameplay trailer, just released today:

Its Greenlight page states that the game will contain an immense 100 levels, and describes them as “hand drawn” which I can only assume means there will be a level of detail that goes beyond stamping out repeating textures. We’re also told that their will be 8+ characters to choose from, with dozens of unique fighting moves each. And it’s a good thing, because there are at least 10 gangs you’ll be brushing up against during the course of the game. Where are the police in this town?

river city ransom underground5Speaking of lots of fighters, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to play with friends, as the game contains both local or online co-op campaign mode, as well as a local or online arena fighting mode. Who knows, with the amount of fighting abilities and character customization that will be contained in River City Ransom: Underground, the arena fighting mode might become a legitimate competitive fighting game.
river 7
You can visit the Greenlight page to cast your vote and help bring this new classic to market, whenever the hell they decide to release it, as the developers are being painfully mysterious about the release date.