Look, I’m not a rumor guy. I don’t like gossip. I hate urban myths. I tell people all the goddamn time that cellar spiders can bite you but their venom is not strong, to no avail. I am a man who enjoys cold, hard lemonade… wait, I mean facts. So let me just tell you how uncomfortable I am passing on this message:

The Steam Summer Sale is reporting to be running from June 11th through June 20th this year according to a leaked post on some Russian social networking site. Gah.

Okay, so the post was by the official Steam profile on the Russian social site VK, but all the same, I’m not completely trusting this business. For one, if Steam actually didn’t want this information getting out, even if the dates were accurate they might switch them around to throw people off. But either way, the deals will be most definitely be coming soon. So maybe lay off all the booze for a second and give your bank account a little breathing room.

And one last note: I don’t mean any offense toward Russia. I might be making a big deal about the site being Russian, but it’s really more about it just being an unfamiliar site to my American ass. SwagFriends.com is an American social site and I can tell you that this article wouldn’t even exist if that’s where the news sourced from.