Remember that flash series Salad Fingers from the early 2000’s? Remember how the eponymous Salad Fingers was all creepy and had bad teeth and made your skin feel weird when he talked about rusty spoons and nettles? Remember the nightmares? Good. Then you should be pleased to hear that you’ll have a new source of skin-crawling creepiness soon. Salad Fingers: Where’s May Gone is a new point-and-click adventure game coming to Steam in July.

Or will you? As of now, Salad Fingers: Where’s May Gone is technically an unofficial game, as David Firth is not fully involved with the project nor have they licensed the IP. However, the devs claim that he has approved the game’s existence, he will be receiving royalties, and he even provided them with image assets from the series. Maybe they need to coin a new term—sortofficial. You know, because it’s sort of offi—oh never mind!

Is It Firth Approved?

Despite the developers’ claims of a tenuous agreement with Firth, there has been quite a bit of doubt and negativity swirling around their Greenlight page. Some of the comments range from hesitant optimism:

I voted for it on the basis that what you said about you having the rights to use the IP of salad fingers is potentially correct. If so, I can’t wait for it to be on steam – Name_Goes_Here

To gleeful pessimism:

Here we go again. If this is approved by David Firth then I’m the QUEEEEEN of FRANCE. Giant Elephant Games you taste like soot and poo. – Tapewormz

To bold rejection:

As long as there is no official message from David Firth , this is copyright infringement. – NITO

I reached out to the developers to see if they had any proof of contact with Firth, and they supplied me with two screenshots of emails that appear to be legitimate communication with the creator of Salad Fingers himself. In the first one David gives them permission, but declines participation.

Hello. I am fine with you going ahead with this, but I cannot offer my involvement due to an insanely heavy workload. What I can offer is the FLA files from the first 4-5 episodes, which should contain all the assets you need. They are rather large in size. I wouldn’t like it to be “David Firth Presents” as I would only brand something like that to a project I had personally directed or produced. – David

And in the second he sets some loose conditions for payment if they are going to be charging for the game.

[…] if the game is free/non profit then you can use my character/assets for free. If you charge for the game or make a profit from ad revenue, then I will require payment, but I am not available to assist production, would not like “David Firth Presents” on it and will not promote it via social media.

IndieRuckus also reached out to Mr. Firth for comment, but as of yet has heard no word on the subject. Will update if this changes.

Sounds to me like David is just a nice fellow who wants people to be free to create the work they like. But understandably he wants to have a few ground rules in place to make sure things don’t go awry. However, whether he’s insanely busy or not, these types of unofficial arrangements can run both sides into all kinds of trouble if it starts to slip in any unwanted directions. Here’s to hoping everything works out to both of their advantage.

Visit the Greenlight page for Salad Fingers: Where’s May Gone to see the trailer and description for the game. And don’t ask me why there’s not a fucking question mark at the end of the game title. There just isn’t apparently, and I’m just as bothered by it as you are.