In 1987, Ryu tatsumakisenpuukiaku’d onto dingy 8-bit screens everywhere and drop-kicked Street Fighter into our hearts. Since then, fighting games have only taken off in popularity and carved out their own unique space in the gaming industry. What better way to foster friendship and camaraderie than casual disembowelment on Mortal Kombat? How else would we solve simple disputes if we couldn’t assert superiority in a brutal round of Tekken? What would we do for date nights without ‘Smash Bros. and chill’?

And yet, in an age of PvP madness, we’ve forgotten the original fighting game: dueling. Call me old fashioned, but there’s just something special about taking ten paces away from your arch-nemesis (whom you probably met that morning), spinning around with your pistol at your hip, and then probably succumbing to dysentery before you can get a shot in. Secret Ponchos, the latest from Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment, captures the rough n’ tumble thrills of the Wild West while bringing us back to our PvP roots.


Just like in the days of the Old West, you won’t have luxuries like Smash Balls or even a lock-on system. Every shot is a skill shot. The best gunslingers will have to rely on timing, strategy, and precision. The worst gunslingers will be dead. While it’s easy to run out of the saloon guns blazing, you’ll have to hone your skills to survive the firefight. Utilize each character’s special abilities and make the environment work for you. Just think quickly. This isn’t chess and your opponent’s not going to wait for you to make your move.


Secret Ponchos boasts a diverse roster of outlaws, from the elusive Matador to the striking Phantom. Once you’ve found a good fit, assemble a team of rogues, mixing and matching classes to form a unique gang tailored to your playing style. Then go toe to toe (to toe to toe) in merciless 3-on-3 shootouts and stain the tumbleweeds red with the blood of your rivals.


Secret Ponchos has been out for a while as an Early Access game, as well as on PS4, but you can now say hello to the complete “Most Wanted Edition” whether you are familiar or new to the Secret Ponchos scene. Get it here on Steam.