I‘m not going to review the curiosity that is *takes breath* Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad? because I’d have to pump the review with filler to even reach 3 paragraphs long. That’s right, the little game about naked boys and men running around the shower with their 8-bit pixel dongs hanging out doesn’t even have enough material to warrant an in-depth review. Imagine that.

So instead you can watch me play the thing and gather everything you wanted to know about SWYDS2K15:DYSSWYD?, but were afraid to ask.

The developers have only stated that the game “hopefully [will be released] in the next few days”, so I can’t tell you when it’ll be out exactly, but it will be here when it does. I’m hoping the devs go for a price tag decidedly lower than $5 (maybe $3?) if they’re going to make it with this one.

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    indieruckus u jokin

  • Shlibberdibber

    brian hamby u jokin
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    Yer a nut, Shlibberdibber.

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    That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me V_V