Don’t you just hate it when you get tossed out of your city for exposing the corruption and greed of the ruling upper class? SkyRider is fresh on Kickstarter and is getting attention for its tale of a floating city filled with rich jerks exploiting the poor, and its two-character cooperative gameplay.

SkyRider is an action-puzzle platformer, but unlike most games of this type where puzzles are solved with a single solution, SkyRider has a more open-ended puzzle system where you control both the drone and Noki simultaneously in order to strategically maneuver past obstacles. This type of control setup also allows for there to be something we don’t see as much in games anymore—local multiplayer—with each player controlling one character, and it is highly recommended by the developers.
The game is currently planned for Steam and the PS Vita. Although with enough funding the game will hit the PSN network as a whole and there could even be a version for your mobile devices as well. On their Kickstarter page you can download a demo version of the game, and you can also check out the soundtrack they have planned for it, along with all their funding goals. Go check it out!

  • Jackson Ingram

    Thank God we’ll be able to control both the drone AND Noki at the same time. I’m getting sooo tired of all these games with looping functions; where you control one character, set their motions on a loop, and then control the other character. I’m not built with that kind of patience, haha. SkyRider looks good! I’m super into the graphics. They’re beautifully done.