The creatively-titled Super Smash Bros for Wii U made it to your local game dispensary this morning, and you can bet that nearly all 300 people who own a Wii U are already beating the eyelashes off each other in the must-have title of Nintendo’s current next-gen system.

“But what gives?” say you. “I thought Indie Ruckus was exclusively an #INDIEGAMERSOURCE. And additionally, the only indie game news site I could count on to not be an ugly, driveling piece of shit?”

Oh, but it’s all too true, reader of mine! You simply cut me off during my buildup. So kindly shut the hell up and allow me to continue. Ahem.

Everyone knows that Smash Bros series began its journey on the N64 as a slow, boxy brawler with like two characters to choose from. The next two iterations appeared on the GameCube and Wii systems respectively, and forever caused a rift between players who preferred the gameplay of one or the other. And now the new one is out on two systems simultaneously so that Nintendo can afford to pay their janitor through Christmas. That’s it, right?


The Story

It was in the year of our ancestors, 2012, on a cold, muggy day. Suddenly the clouds parted, and Indie-God appeared. He declared, “Let there be more Smash Bros” and was heard by the pious Smash Bros fans Phantom7, Falcon8r, and Dr.MarioX. Over the following couple years they went on to construct a feature-packed, 60+ character, 2D beat-downfest to add to their beloved fighting franchise.

Despite the characters being rendered as 2D sprites, the fighting experience is not as far off from the main series as you might think. All the moves and physics are faithfully duplicated here, and the action stays tight. Whiners have criticized the developers’ cavalier attitude toward adding characters further outside the realm of the Nintendosphere than they’re used to in the series, with such additions as Crash Bandicoot, Ryu, and Goku, but I say “close enough”. It’s not like they’re throwing in Willy Wonka and the cast of Law & Order. They’ve also managed to beat Nintendo to the punch with Pacman, Mega Man, Duck Hunt Dog, and Little Mac, along with making Zero Suit Samus a stand-alone character.

The game is free and reception has been very positive, with the only solid complaint being  a lack of native controller support as of this release. But the project is still active, and version 1.0 is just over the horizon.

You can download the game from its IndieDB page here.

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