Sure everyone is flipping a lid about Shadowrun: Hong Kong dropping today, but you can read about that anywhere. Instead, IndieRuckus is digging deep into the stinky hamper of the indie game world to extract you Socks Puzzle.

In Socks Puzzle you are going to be picking through a pile of socks fresh from the wash. You succeed by matching pairs and placing them in the basket, as well as by throwing out ones with holes in them or ones which don’t have a partner. However, I find this to be a bit contrary to my own laundry habits, where a hole in the sock for me means, “Perfectly acceptable for another 6 months, easy,” and a lone sock means, “I’ll find that other sneaky bastard one day. Maybe”. So unless the sock had an entire heel missing, it’s going back in the drawer, dagnabit.

And of course the age old question directed toward gamers—even amongst themselves—is, “Why don’t you just do laundry in real life instead of doing it in that game?” And the answer is the same as when people say it about sports games, guitar games, or whatever else: because I like playing video games. Also doing real laundry sucks.

But in all honesty this game probably will to. But here’s the trailer anyway. And here’s its Greenlight page.