*Update: Dimension Drive is back on Kickstarter and killing it. Go fund ’em!
Picture this, kind and gentle reader: your one true dream has been to finish a game of your own creation as long as you can remember. The thought of crafting a work of art from your own semi-competent mind and watching it dance and flourish in the gaming marketplace is the only thing that matters to you. So you go to school and miss out on many, many opportunities of getting laid** by instead filling your free time with honing your programming skills.

Finally, the creative ideas that are seeping out of your head become too much, and you scrape up the only talented people you could find around your podunk town and get to work on your dream game. You and your friends spend all day, every day working. You’ve dumped your heart, soul and personal worth into a big rusty pot with this game and mixed them all together until you’re able to fish out something that you’re proud of. But this creation isn’t just a product of you, it represents everything you are and hope to be. This game is you. But the way of the world doesn’t allow you to finish it alone, so you reach out to the public for funding through Kickstarter. You campaign through social media tirelessly, and spend your own limited funds to tour conventions and cross your fingers oh so very tightly.

But all looks to be going to waste. Your Kickstarter is 7 grand down from its intended goal and only hours left. Back to the drawing board, I suppose. But wait! Some good semaritan, some pillar of the indie community that sees the unique wonderfulness in your creation has come to your rescue with a $7,000 backing! You suspect it’s your rich aunt Maybelle which makes you feel like a spoiled brat, but you don’t care. The campaign was a success! You are a success.



But then…

Kickstarter contacts you in the last half hour of the campaign and informs you that the miracle funds were fraudulent. They take back the money, and they label your project as FAILED.



Ok, so I may have taken a number of liberties with that story, but overall I believe it to be an incredibly accurate portayal of what happened to 2Awesome Studios and their indie game project Dimension Drive earlier this week. Especially the part about them never getting laid. Those guys never get laid. It’s truly sad.**

But moving on, we wrote about Dimension Drive a few weeks back and named it one of the best Kickstarters of that week. No one is saying they didn’t do their best. However, Kickstarter had to take that money back. And DD was going to fail anyway; no one is saying they weren’t. But the difference here is that most developers get to fall down into the fetal position of their choice after a Kickstarter fail. Whereas 2Awesome Studios were lifted high in the air on a great gust of hope before being flipped around into a pile driver and slammed into the concrete.

That sucks. But now look at all the free press they’re getting! Let’s hope they’re crafty enough to absorb that energy and use it to propel themselves further than before, because if they do, that troll could turn out to be their saving grace after all.