Think of a game that you love. Like, more than your potential children. How many times have you played it? Once? Five times? Over a dozen? Maybe you’re replaying it right now and are really good at multi-tasking? At this point, you probably know every secret. You’ve dug up every treasure chest.  And you have like twelve “Ultimate Weapons” lying around in your character’s garage. You still love the game, of course, but you can’t recreate the limitless wonder of your first time booting up the title screen.

But what if you could? Songbringer isn’t your favorite game (yet), but it’s drawing some pixelated magic from classics like Legend of Zelda or Crystalis and making it infinite through the power of procedural generation.

You are Roq Epimetheos, resident party dude cruising the cosmos for a good time in his ship, the Songbringer. The good times come to a crashing halt, however, when Roq stumbles across the nano-sword, a frickin’ sweet legendary weapon that he just couldn’t pass up. Unfortunately, this awakens a demon army. Major party foul.

Boasting over 300 million unique worlds, Songbringer is giving Roq and his friends a lot to explore. At the beginning of each quest, you enter a six-digit world “seed” to determine the kind of planet you’ll be dropping into. Enter a random code for an all-new adventure or go back to a seed you know to test your skills and compete for a coveted spot on a global leaderboard.


This isn’t a game of Pac-Man though. Few things in life are that straightforward. Except for maybe Ms. Pac-Man. They really didn’t break the formula too much on that one. Songbringer, on the other hand, mashes a bunch of formulas together and lights them on fire. And it’s beautiful. Each playthrough is non-linear and doesn’t mess around with XP. You won’t ever have to waste your time level grinding through common grunts. You’re the hero. Go for the big bads. That’s the only way you can advance through a world anyway.

As you’re playing boss bounty hunter, keep an eye out for items. These can later be combined to alchemize anything you want! That’s right, Homestuck and Fullmetal fans: alchemy. There are countless possibilities. Our favorite so far?  Microcord + top hat + poison = poisonous boomerang top hat. Amazing.


Having been easily funded by Kickstarter and greenlit by Steam, Songbringer and its cache of tantalizing secrets are being highly anticipated by the indie gaming community. Unfortunately, Wizard Fu Games is going to keep us waiting a while longer. But if you’re interested in keeping track of Songbringer, the developer keeps a nearly daily vlog of his progress on his YouTube page. Expect to rock into an endless world of possibilities by March 2016.