So I’ve been playing a few parkour games recently—and don’t get me wrong, they’re fun and all—but wouldn’t you think there was more potential to a game involving running, wall-jumping, climbing and tumbling than just a means of getting through a stage? And part of the gameplay always seems to involve getting stuck trying to figure out the right combination of wall-kicks, effectively reducing your character to flailing about in a small room for 10 minutes just trying to grab a ledge that’s 3 feet above their head. Ok, let’s get to the point now:

Sparkour is taking the mechanics of a first-person parkour game and turning it into a Mario Kart-style racing party game where you can throw discs at your friends’ heads and then launch over them through the finish line. And it’s stylish as hell, employing a low-poly aesthetic with a rich neon color palette to keep your creepy little shadow-child character pumped throughout the course.


Gameplay involves chaining tricks together to boost your speed, collecting items in the form of traps, projectiles and buffs, and effectively handling course obstacles to avoid being slowed down or dropped off the map. Sparkour is being developed for both local and online play, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to race people who don’t suck at games as much as your friends.

Make sure to give Sparkour a vote at their Greenlight page if you would like to see this one come to Steam.