Humanity is on the brink of extinction because of relentless assaults from a certain alien group known as the Skorn. Each year the people on Earth get weaker and weaker while defense against the Skorn seems hopeless. Planet Earth as we know it, is over. You are the last remaining hope of keeping an entire species alive as you set out with your crew to find a new planet to live on before the entire human race gets wiped out.

That is the grim tale of Into the Stars. The game puts you in the place as captain of the Ark 13, the final space vessel that is sent out in search of a new home for humanity. Everything rests on your shoulders as you control the very last ship that contains any hope of human survival. Along with being the captain, you get full control of what is going on around you. Sitting on the bridge, you have the ability to control where you are going, who and when to engage, and you will also have to manage your crew’s resources.

The galaxy you explore in Into the Stars is huge. In the whole sector you are there are 90 zones waiting to be discovered, and each one presents a unique challenge that pits you and your crew in dangerous situations. As you travel to different zones and planets, you and your crew will be forced to scavenge different areas for resources, but even that brings on a huge amount of risk for your crew. The longer you stay on a planet, the more time the Skorn will have to catch up and annihilate you. With that said, when trouble arises, you must strategically choose different parts on ships to attack and counter to avoid being blasted to bits and pieces by the infinite number of enemies you will encounter.

Into the Stars was initially funded on Kickstarter, and is being developed by major developers that were formally working at DICE. The developers that are working on Into the Stars were the same people that worked on Battlefield, Lost Planet, and Shadow of the Damned.  On top of that, the soundtrack in the game is orchestrated by Jack Wall, the man behind the scores from the Mass Effect series, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and Lost Planet.

The game is in an early access stage as of right now on Steam. With the likes of a talented team working behind the scenes, and the concept of an open world space survival game, it has a lot of thing right going for it.