The yearly gaming sale-stravaganza is now in full swing, and the deals will just keep rolling out until the party ends on June 21st and you’re left with a swelling game library and a crying debit card. Just tell everyone you lost it to your life-breaking gambling addiction!

This year’s event is a little more interactive than usual. In recognition of their—I suppose approval?—of hit idle games such as AdVenture Capitalist and Clicker Heroes, Valve has developed their own click-happy game called Monster Game. The blandly-titled clicktastic time-suck is simple but effective. Click on enemies (or not) and do damage on them while collecting gold so you can increase your stats (or not). Basically you can actively participate and increase the speed with which you acquire gold, or you can just check in here and there and see how your character is doing while letting them do their own thing in the background. You have like a billion other Steamers on your team, so things will get done whether you’re there or not.

But unless you are really into idle games like this—and don’t mind a somewhat watered-down version like Monster Game—there are only two reasons to at least casually partake in Monster Game. For one, you get trading card drops with which you can craft badges to increase your Steam level and possibly acquire various virtual loot you can keep or trade on the marketplace. And secondly, because each day of the sale has milestones having to do with how many players log in, how many clicks are counted, and how many bosses are defeated. When these milestones are reached, deals are unlocked starting at 10am the next day. Now, I have a feeling the bar has been set purposefully low for these deals, but a game’s a game!

Join in on the click-fest here.