Strategy RPG is a genre I’m pleased to see making a resurgence as of late. One of my favorite PC games of my formative years was Heroes of Might and Magic III, and although the series is still trudging forward (HoMM VII is due out at the end of the month), it’s great to see the new blood pumping in—especially when it looks this inspired. For the King is currently collecting backers on Kickstarter and has a lot to show for itself, both graphically and gameplay-wise.

for the king game gif

One of the coolest aspects of the game is that it can be both a single player experience as well as a multiplayer co-op RPG. So you’ll be able to cruise around with your online buddies conquering and looting the procedurally-generated land.

for the king game

If you aren’t familiar with strategy RPGs, they generally have turn-based battle systems—but unlike traditional RPGs, the battle arena has a tactical element to it. Basically, where you place your characters is just as important as who and when they attack. But unlike a pure tactics game, there is more to the game than just the battles. You’ll need to be getting your parties around the map collecting resources, crafting, and claiming territory as your own.

Take a look at either the teaser trailer (for a taste of the team’s visual finesse), or the full Kickstarter trailer (if you want an in-depth look at the project) below. And be sure to check out their Kickstarter page and follow their Facebook and Twitter to stay up on the newest, because this one is going to be big.