Did I seriously just compare a second game to Windwaker in a one week span? What’s wrong with me? Have I never played any other games in my whole freaking life? Does this place even have an editor?

Look, you’re riding around from place to place on a little goddamn boat, so I’m going to compare it to Windwaker. No two ways around that. It’s not an adventure puzzler like a Zelda game, but it does look bloody astounding, so watch this trailer for the upcoming scavenger game Submerged.

The game follows a young woman named Miku on her journey to find help for her little brother. You’re going to be climbing sunken skyscrapers and gathering medical supplies for your wounded sibling, but the game is combat-free. You’re free to explore and uncover the secrets of this dying world at your own pace.

Submerged is coming to Xbox One August 7th, but will be dropping onto Steam and PS4 even earlier—August 4th (August 5th for PS4 in Europe). But how amazing would it be if they released it on Wii U with toon link as an alternate character?