There’s nothing I like seeing more than an indie game with true polish and flair. It’s a harsh reality that some indie games, though fun and worthwhile as a whole, sometimes have an apparent amateur quality to them. They just kind of throw a duvet cover over it and stand in front with their arms outstretched hoping we don’t notice. And we as players can pretend like we don’t see it. But it’s always very refreshing to see a clean title like SUNDOWN that has nothing to hide. Well, figuratively. The game is kind of about hiding.

SUNDOWN is an overhead shooter death match game where 2 to 4 players use cloaking abilities and varying weapons to try to snuff out their adversaries. Players will not be on even ground, as there are 4 types of characters to choose from and 5 different weapons for different play styles. But the most alluring quality of SUNDOWN is its sense of hasty uncertainty. You never know who is the cat and who is the mouse in a game where anyone might be standing right behind you, invisible. Watch the short trailer:

SUNDOWN is on Greenlight and has a tentative release date of “early 2016”. So go give them a vote if you plan on still being alive at that point in time.