Tabletop Simulator, the game that’s famous for allowing players to flip tables and do other whacky business, is out of early access and now a full release title on Steam. “Now wait a minute,” you may be asking. “You’re telling me a game where you play board games online is ‘whacky’?” And to that I would say yes, because Tabletop Simulator is way more than just Chinese checkers. It’s a complete sandbox where you can do almost anything you want. And if you don’t believe me, watch this video, especially toward the end:

Get it? You can do anything. But you can also get down to serious business and play games. It’s a very open-ended format and the modding community is bustling behind this title. So far it has over 3500 entries in Steam Workshop for free download to modify the existing game. And now to coincide with it’s full release, an official DLC for the card game Superfight has been released today as well. So let’s talk about Superfight for a second.

Superfight is a card game that comes from the same family tree as such games as Apples to Apples, where winners are based on group opinion rather than hard-set rules. Specifically in this game you play cards describing a character that will join a fight among the other players’ characters. For instance you may play “Mummy”, and on top of that “impenetrable tuxedo” and “fire breath”. Now you must argue that your flaming mummy would win against your friend’s laser-shooting garbage man, or whatever.

So if you’re into boardgames, or just fucking around. Might want to look into TTS.