So far September has seen some real RPG goodness coming out of Kickstarter. First we got the oldschool chills from the jRPG Battle Chasers: Nightwar, then there was the pure beauty of strategic RPG For The King, and now for the tactical RPG fans there is Tears of Avia.

Tears of Avia tells the story of a powerful mage who stood up to a demonic overlord and sealed him away with a powerful spell. Bet you’ve never heard that one before, eh? But the twist is that the mage’s love, Avia, was frozen away in the city along with all the evil-doers. The mage has been attempting to free Avia from his own magical misstep for hundreds of years, and that’s where you come in.

tears of avia

The game is highly skill and craft focused, with the battles very dependent on how you have built out your skill tree for each character. Another¬†variable factor in the game is how your team interacts and gets along with each other. Depending on who you put together, you might have chummy pals, or according to the Kickstarter page, ¬†“a team that hold an uneasy, disharmonious alliance that is seething with jealousy and distrust.” Yikes!

tears of avia

But this intra-party dynamic is more than just for superficial purposes. Quests in the game are discovered by how the party interacts, not by simply talking to the right NPC. So the story and gameplay possibilities will be different over many replays. I guess unless you pick the same party every time, lame-o.

Enough with the reading; here’s the project trailer:

If you’re still digging the details, you should pop on over to the Kickstarter page to hear all about the different classes and battle mechanics. And you can follow the developers on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on Tears of Avia.