In observance of the spookiest day of the year I hunted down the best zombie games in the Steam library for you to feast on. And let me tell ya—there were a horde of them. So here they are chopped up by genre so you can get back to making your Hotline Bling memes.

But seriously folks, there were over 20 pages of zombie-related games to sort through for this list, and though there were definitely a lot of rotten ones, I was more than a little surprised to see how many great zombie-themed games there are floating around out there.

Action, shooters, and Top Down

Action games are the bread and butter (brains and butter?) of the zombie world, so here’s a big wad of ’em.


You’d think there’d be more of these, right? Truth is I excluded all the MMO ones because they’re all trash. Seriously.


Just imagine I made some joke about using your half-eaten brain here. I’m phoning this one in.


Surviving the undead apocalypse seems to include a lot of meticulous organization, or so these build n’ plan games might lead you to believe. Probably in actuality it’d be a lot more running and screaming though.


Why is “cute” a category? I don’t know. You mad about it?


Cars become shelter as well as weapons in a world taken over by the undead.


Here’s for those who want an intricate plot and deep characters to go with their heinous violence and immense suffering.


Sure, I mean everybody can jump their own vertical height off the ground. Art imitates life.


Here’s the goofballs. We’ve got a typing tutor, a bowling game, a choose-your-path novel and solitaire. Hey, I said “for all occasions”, didn’t I?

  • Mike M Rusniak

    7 DAYS TO DIE is trashy? You need to stop reviewing games. 7 days to die is one of the most popular zombie survival crafting games of all time.

  • Deadstroke

    nah, he’s right, MMOs are trash

  • Pennyless

    didnt know MMOS had single player mode lol