The horror game genre has been around the block a few times. But even if there happens to be a hundred terrible and derivative horror titles per year, this has no bearing on the fact that a handful of innovative, well-made, and genuinely scary games will emerge from the grave to haunt gamers as well. Will that be the case for The Dark Inside Me? Who knows, dude—it’s Kickstarter. But we can hope, right?

The Dark Inside Me is a project by Turkish horror director Akcay Karaazmak, so I won’t go too hard on him for the awkward use of the adjective “Dark” rather than the more grammatical noun “Darkness” in the title. Just an artistic choice, right? According to IMDB, Karaazmak has one other credit to his name, a horror movie called Reminiscence: The Beginning. The movie has a bit of a controversy in the review section with most of the reviews giving it a very low score and questioning the authenticity of the few positive reviews and the bafflingly-high number of positive ratings. But everyone deserves a second chance right?* So let’s talk about the game.

the dark inside me

TDIM is billed as a psychological horror point-and-click game. The trailer shows a good feel for cinematic presentation and a lot of interesting scenarios. According to the description, the story will shift depending on how players solve puzzles, which is a fairly novel approach to story branching. Many games now feature branching plots based on decisions made, but they are usually dialogue choices rather than multi-solution puzzles. But then again, one person’s idea of a game “puzzle” can be different than another’s.

The game also makes it very clear that it will be saturated with gore and sex, which both happen to be very popular with a large subset of the human population. In the trailer we are treated to more than a couple boobs, butts and people being stabbed in the abdomen.

the dark inside me

Two character models from the game. Is that a hint of camel toe I detect?

Overall I’m on the fence about this one. I like what I see in the trailer, but the over-emphasis on violence and especially nudity often serves as compensation for a lack of depth. But there is a demo available on the Kickstarter page for people with more time to spare than me to check it out if you are interested.

Below is the trailer, but if you’re anything like me (sorry, not trying to offend you), you will get very impatient with the lo-fi sound and general pointlessness of the first 30 seconds of the video. But if you skip ahead to around 33 seconds you’ll dive right into the terror.

*Or third chance. The game went unfunded on IndieGogo in February after asking for a flat $100,000.