One of the main reasons why was started is because it’s hard to keep track of indie games. Unlike mainstream releases which come from a small list of very trackable sources and are announced with announcements preceding announcements, indie games fly out of the ether from every direction, ricochet off the walls and then break through the window into the night, never to be seen again. Greenlight Spotlight will be an effort on our part to target one of the biggest Wild Wests of the indie world—Greenlight. So in a way—in keeping with this theme—I’m going to be panning the Greenlight river. Whatever gold nuggets happen to turn up I’ll report to you. Deal?

Shape of the World

First person games aren’t just shooters anymore—I think that pretty much goes without saying at this point. The genre has been expanding to include all kinds of puzzling and exploratory experiences. Shape of the World looks to be a gorgeous low-poly journey through a colorful and exciting dreamscape. I want it.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

Besides having a cool ass name, TAALH‘s mix of killer pixel-work combined with insane underwater rogue-like gameplay and gnarly bosses makes it a must-play. No wonder this one’s been getting all the press recently.

Iron Fish

Speaking of first person viewpoints (and also speaking of brutal underwater horror), here comes Iron Fish. Iron Fish features both what’s incredibly beautiful and also what can be terrifyingly sinister about underwater exploration. Prepare to be very nervous.


The term Metroidvania gets tossed around a lot. Personally I was never all that fond of the term, but it does serve a purpose. And what we have here with Inexistence is a great-looking game that’s definitely after Dracula’s heart.