There aren’t a whole lot of games sailing through Steam that are completely free. If they are, they’re usually either demos, free-to-play(-for-now)s, or they suck the big one. But look what just swung into town, The Knobbly Crook—a game that is wonderfully none of those things. Just a humongously bizarre point-and-click with a ton of fun dialog and completely off-the-wall surrealistic premise.

Knobbly Crook 2015-06-10 13-25-02-433The Knobbly Crook is being released piece-wise in several chapters, but the developer has stated that they will all be completely free—“no ads, no tricks”. And I can say that for how great this little adventure game is, it’s a very generous offer. Take control of O’Sirus the Snip as you recount your fateful story to a judge who likely is about to sentence you to a seat on the colon-extractor. A story of how a spooky voice led him to take a ride on an enormous half-horse-half-boat that uses liquid paper for fuel. All the while a war rages on between the stone giants and the metallic Knobbcrookians, with their only defense being the raising paper animals of which the giants fear. That’s right, it’s a big crazy rock, paper, scissors metaphor. A big RPS metaphor with an awesome acoustic guitar soundtrack and clever dialog that I recommend checking out, if you are at all interested in point-and-click games or surreal, humorous adventures.

You can install the game for free directly from the widget at the bottom of this article if you already have Steam on your system. But if you enjoy the game, the developer might be pleased if you at least took a gander at his Patreon page to support his efforts.

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