Early Access survival games on Steam have become basically a gaming category on their own. I suppose the survival genre lends itself to Early Access so well because their sandboxy nature allows them to function with minimal content (no goals, no problem!), and there’s always room for additions no matter how many features you stuff into them. Novus Inceptio was released today as an Steam Early Access title and is looking impressive, especially on the graphics front.

novus inceptio

Ain’t it a b’yute?

But before I have you watch the eyeball-massaging visuals present in the trailer, I’ll point out the one huge hole that will keep a number of people from getting on the Novus wagon early: there are no real MMO features yet. The description on Novus Inceptio‘s Steam page mentions “MMO elements” multiple times, but the part where you actually interact with other players is—for now—absent. But it is planned for a future release.

Onward to le trailer:

Besides the frame-rate dips, the game is gorgeous. You’re likely going to need a powerhouse computer to keep it flicking along decently, but I assume all my readers are a) rich and b) computer wizards, so I don’t even know why I brought that up.