Oh sure, whenever you need to catch up on the best Kickstarters, newest Greenlights and all the great new games on the indie market, you can always come ask ol’ Papa Ruckus. But how do you think we find these great games? By asking the resident genie in our toaster oven? No, by digging through a beached whale full of mediocre-to-terrible games—that’s how. But every once in a while a game truly sticks out. An amazing game that just makes me say “wow”.

As in, “Wow this is the worst game I’ve seen in my life.”

Enter Heaven’s Descendents, a game currently on Kickstarter that takes eye-gougingly ugly graphics, unintelligible gameplay and mind-melting story/character design, and mixes them into… a pile of garbage that doesn’t make any sense. Funny how that works.

Here’s the video. Please forgive me.

And I don’t mean to knock down the hard work of any creative person. This is not the worst game I’ve ever seen by a long shot. Bad games immediately exit the memory. But this one is “so bad it’s good” entertaining, and that kind of thing has made people a great success before. Just look at The Room.

Please fund them. It will help me sleep at night after having written this article. Here’s “Secret Sergei” to motivate you: