Usually holes are something to avoid in storytelling, but we’re not talking about plot holes here. A game called The Hole Story was released on this week and it wasn’t created by your standard indie dev team. It was created by young adults in a program called Girls Make Games.

hole story3Girls Make Games is an organization that is based in San Jose, California, but holds international summer camps, workshops and gamejams “designed to inspire the next generation of designers, creators, and engineers.” According to their site, one of the reasons for the existence of Girls Make Games as that 47% of gamers are women, but only 12% of game industry workers are female. They don’t sight a source for this statistic, but I don’t doubt its accuracy.

hole story2But enough about where they came from and on to what they have made. The Hole Story is a top-down RPG about a girl who digs up a portal in her backyard and is transported to an alternate fantasy world. She finds herself in the middle of a classic save-the-princess scenario while in this land of castles and unicorns, and sets out to dig herself out of this trouble she’s in. The Hole Story won the Grand Prize at the Girls Make Games Demo Day Competition in 2014. And the team went on to successfully pitch a Kickstarter campaign that raised them $31,000 toward finishing the project.

The Hole Story has been Greenlit for Steam, but has not been released on the platform yet. But it is on right now for a minimum $5 purchase here.