A fun little trailer has appeared on Kicktown today for a game called The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods. It tells the story—in polished, colorful fashion—of a real park in Toronto that has apparently become prime hangout turf for the city’s swarms of Pabst-guzzling hipsters. And they’re trashing the place!

In TWoTB the player controls a hunchy, androgynous “wizard” as they walk around and creepily collect the empty beverage vessels left behind by the negligent denizens of Trinity Bellwoods Park. With the money earned from collecting cans, the player can upgrade their living situation. But you have to watch out not to bump into the hipsters (or hipmen, at least. femsters seem not to be represented at this stage in development), or you risk getting the cans knocked out of you. And the game promises changing characters to match the gentrification of the area over a 10+ year span.

wizards of trinity bellwoods

The game is being created by a man of assumingly-close relation to Trinity Bellwoods named Chris De Castro. It’s obvious that Chris has no real animosity toward hipsters and is actually poking a bit of fun at himself and his fellow Torontonians with The Wizards. It’s a fun way to promote the work of the selfless people who clean up a park he loves. Here’s the trailer:

All in all, it’s a very well-made video, but I don’t see how walking around collecting cans can hold up as an engaging game mechanic on its own. But maybe I just don’t know the magic of public responsibility. If you want to check it out yourself, the Kickstarter is here.

  • Jason Mounce

    So, what’s his looks gotta do with anything – or is it just some form of Clickbait and Grade 3-levelled journalism? I don’t recall people going “A man who looks like this [/David Lynch] made EraserHead~1!11!”

    Cause, back then – people weren’t as desperate I guess.

  • Brian Hamby

    You’re right, Jason—it’s a pretty provocative title. So let me tell you a bit about it.

    That photo is from the actual Kickstarter page for the game. The creator (Chris) put his own picture up with a caption under it declaring that he himself is a hipster. He wanted people to know that he means no harm and is only making fun of himself. I was just riffing off that joke. To me, and I assume him, hipster isn’t a bad name to call someone, it’s just culture.

    That being said, you’re totally right that I click-baited this one pretty hard. Promoting a new website is difficult and sometimes I might make the decision to push a little too much for attention. I’ll keep this and all other feedback in mind when I’m making editorial decisions in the future. Thanks for letting me know how it made you feel.

    And thanks for the Eraserhead reference. That’s one of my top 5 favorite movies, so at least I can assume you’re awesome and take you seriously.